Terms & Policies

Travel Insurance

We strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance to protect you against unforeseen circumstances such as trip cancellation and interruption.


Security/Damage Deposit

The Security/Damage Deposit will be refunded 15-30 days after departure, subject to any deductions for damage to the house, missing items, or excessive cleaning required (“excessive cleaning” is defined as any required cleaning over 4 hours and includes, but is not limited to, removal of excessive amounts of sand in the house and hot tub. Washing of beach and bath towels must be kept up during the week in order to ensure that cleaning time does not exceed 4 hours. All garbage is to be put by the Tenant in the garbage cans in the container outside upon departure. Dirty dishes are to be placed in the dishwasher and/or cleaned and put away).


Advance Rent Deposit

In order to secure the reservation, the “Advance Rent Deposit” must be returned along with the completed and signed Vacation Rental Agreement.


Payment Schedule

For reservations more than six months in advance of rental dates, an Advance Rentals Deposit is required.  All reservations need to be 50% paid at six months out. The total balance due (including the Security/Damage Deposit) must be returned 45 days prior to check-in. If the Total Balance Due is not received 45 days prior to check-in, this Vacation Rental Agreement will be deemed to have been cancelled by the Tenant.



  • Notice with more than 60 days prior to check-in you may reschedule dates for up to one year based on availability less the cancellation fee.  
  • Notice less than 45 days prior to check-in will result in forfeiture of 100% of the rent.
  •  Cancellations for Holiday Bookings are Non-refundable.

Late Check-In (After 6 p.m.)

You will be given entry instructions, lights will be left on, and one of our representatives will come by the next morning to check you in.



  • Occupancy (i.e., number of tenants staying overnight) is strictly restricted to the number of tenants that are listed on the contract. At no time can there be more than the maximum occupancy of the house with out prior consent form the management.
  • Tenants will be in default of the Vacation Rental Agreement if they have more tenants in the house than the number they have reserved for.
  • We will rent only to family groups, couples, and responsible adults over the age of 25. Inquiries from student groups are not accepted.
  • Violations of any occupancy conditions will be grounds for immediate eviction without refund of rent or deposit.



There will be no rebates given for inoperable appliances or faulty equipment, unfavorable weather, early departure, interruption of utilities, construction in the area or maintenance problems. The only exception is hurricanes, where rebates will be given for unused nights only when mandatory evacuation is ordered by the Mexican government.


Personal Property

All personal property of the tenant(s) on the said premises shall be and remain his sole responsibility and risk, and the owner shall not be liable for damages to, or loss of such personal property arising from any acts of negligence of any other persons, nor from the leaking of the roof, or from bursting, leaking, or overflowing of water or sewer pipes, or from heating or plumbing fixtures, or from the handling of electrical wires or fixtures, or from any cause whatsoever, nor shall the owner be liable for any injury to the person of the tenant(s) or other persons in or about the premises, the tenant(s) expressly agreeing to save the owner harmless in all such causes and events.