A new concept of vacationing on the Riviera Maya

A lot of people come to the Riviera Maya for vacationing. After all, is a well known place for its wonderful turquoise sea and white sand, and a better place to rest and do nothing, lying and watching the sunset. That’s what a lot of people do: Nothing, but for a lot of us, who were looking for a little more than watching our own feet all the holidays, now we have the opportunity to enjoy a new concept of having real fun on the Riviera Maya: Paamul Ultimate Vacations.

If you ever wanted to participate in one of the popular TV series “Survivor” or “The Amazing Race”, this is your chance to do it… while on vacation! And the best part?  You can win some cash and bonus prizes while you are having an amazing time!

How, you may ask? It’s really simple: If you dare, you and your partner (yes, it´s a competition for teams of two) will compete against other vacationers in a variety of exciting games, that have been chosen to not only test your skills but also to exemplify the best of what the Riviera Maya has to offer. Each challenge will allow your team to gain points towards claiming one of 3 cash prizes and some bonus rewards along the way.

And we should not forget the location: Paamul is a Caribbean jewel located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, half-way between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, which just happens to also be the filming site of a Corona beer commercial or two. It is also a secluded and extremely safe community, home to a large number of expats, mainly from Canada and the United States.

If you need to take a look to all the activities, the lovely beach side cabanas where you will stay or maybe have a look at what the restaurant has to offer, it’s a good idea to check Paamul Ultimate Vacations site: The beginning of an incredible adventure we are sure you don’t want to miss.

We´ll see you at the competition!

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